Laurie and Gunny
Laurie Plessala Duperier with Gunny.

Read How Gunny Made a Rainbow.

Gunny’s Rainbow, LLC is an aquatic healing center specializing in the care of elderly and orthopedically challenged dogs. We offer swimming, floating and relaxation in the water, as well as reiki, an ancient healing energy. We have years of experience in caring for and living with physically challenged and elderly dogs, and are committed to helping you and your dog maintain quality of life in the golden years. You will be amazed at how joyful your dog can feel after spending time at the Rainbow.

We provide advice on how to navigate veterinary care for geriatric and chronically ill dogs, along with support and tips about living with an orthopedically challenged dog. All our swim and reiki sessions are private sessions by appointment only. No other dogs are present during your session. You and your dog will receive individualized attention and care, tailored to your dog's particular needs. We welcome the chance to work one on one with you, your dog and your veterinarian in bringing love, happiness and healing to your dog. In our eyes, each dog is beautiful and whole just as they are, regardless of disability.

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Listen to a 4 minute radio interview of Laurie talking about Gunny's Rainbow and the book she cowrote with Gunny.

Laurie Plessala Duperier / Owner

Laurie is trained in canine swimming and is a member of the Association of Canine Water Therapy, as well as a Reiki Master specializing in reiki for animals. She has dedicated her life to improving dogs' lives, especially old, arthritic, orthopedically challenged dogs. She has seen amazing transformations in the water, both physical and emotional, and strongly believes that facilitating healing in the water and with reiki can truly improve quality of life for many dogs.

Gunny / Professor and Inspiration

Gunny came to Laurie at 8 weeks old as a wedding present from her husband. He died on April 9, 2012 at the ripe old age of 14 years 9 months old. Gunny was a wise old soul who never missed an opportunity to teach and inspire Laurie every day until the day he died. When Gunny was 11 and started having serious mobility problems, his veterinarian said that he needed to swim. Laurie looked for, but could not find, a suitable swim facility near her home. So, Gunny decided that Laurie should quit her job as a lawyer, build an indoor pool for him and make a new career for herself. As usual, she did what Gunny asked! The pool is his legacy and his gift to his fellow canine travelers so that they can move easier, experience peace and happiness in the pool, and feel confident and proud regardless of age. Read all about How Gunny Made a Rainbow.