The Book: The Endless Path


In the last year of Gunny's life, we decided to write a book together with the help of his animal communicator, and my long-time friend, Alexandra. The Endless Path traces our life together from when Gunny and I met, until his death at almost fifteen years old, and beyond. His reflections on life, love, relationships, and what it all means are astonishing.

While there is adventure, laughter, and tears along The Endless Path, in the end, it is about love and all the amazing things that it can accomplish. Hopefully it will make you smile and laugh; it may make you cry occasionally. More than anything, we hope that you enjoy the adventure. And of course we hope that after reading it, you look at the animal world just a little bit differently.

Please open our book tenderly, because when you hold our book in your hands, you are holding our beating hearts.

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