Happy Swimmers

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Here's what the dogs are saying about us.

photo of Nala

Nala, 4, has a torn cruciate ligament and swims to keep her leg strong.

“I was a little nervous at first, but now all I want to do is retrieve my ball in the pool non-stop."
photo of Wallace

Wallace, 5, swims in order to safely exercise with multiple joint and ligament problems.

“I love to chase Laurie and Halle in the water as much as my toys."
photo of Ace

Ace, 6, swims to recover from an accident.

“I got hit by a car and ended up with a severely damaged hip socket requiring several surgeries. After swimming with the help of the Winston Bren Scholarship, I regained full use of my leg."
photo of Hunter

Hunter, 7, swims to recover muscle mass after ACL surgery.

“Swimming helped me recover from ACL surgery and now I swim because I love it :)."
photo of Millie

Millie, 7, swam for 4 years to recover from multiple surgeries.

“Swimming was invaluable in helping me recover from 3 knee surgeries, elbow surgery and 2 hip surgeries. I proudly graduated in February 2014 and am romping around with my sister enjoying life."
photo of Baxter

Baxter, 10, swims to to keep his muscles strong.

“Regular swimming therapy has built up my muscles to hold my bad disc in place, and I don’t even have to take pain medication any more. I am loving life again!"
photo of Luna in the pool

Mila Luna, 11, swims to maintain her strength, especially in the hind end.

“Your water heals my body, Laurie's arms comfort my soul."
photo of Maggy and Bobbie

Maggy, 15, and Bobbie, 13, swim to help with arthritis pain.

“We love our swims at Gunny's Rainbow. The warm water soothes our aching joints!"