Stella's Story


Laurie and Stella: "Always there to hold me up,
I felt so safe like Mom with pup".

One of the hardest things for us at Gunny's Rainbow is when one of our dogs crosses over the Rainbow Bridge. We love each of them like our own and treasure the time that we spend with them in their twilight years. Stella was one of those dogs. She left behind a poem that speaks volumes on behalf of all the elderly dogs who swim here, so we wanted to share it with you.

Gunny's Rainbow and Me

Brought to you to heal my pain,
My strength and pride I soon regained.
You kept my limbs & muscles fit,
You eased my mind & fears with wit.

Like a string around my paw,
I had you at my beck and call.
Marching paws to my drum's beat,
You stayed in sync with your two feet.

I loved to swim, I loved to play,
I loved to snatch those treats away.
All those times I swam for free,
I wish I'd known to charge that fee.

Back and forth we two would go,
Me so fast and you so slow.
All those breaks you made me take,
I realize now were for your sake.

Always there to hold me up,
I felt so safe like Mom with pup.
Your kisses sweet I would ignore,
Of course you knew I wanted more.

Swimming hard with all my might,
My time with you was out of sight.
Weightless rest and free from pain,
With swimming days I could sustain.

But days, all numbered, swiftly pass,
And each of us must live our last.
We elders now have crossed into,
A place of joy, so blissful too.

Those of us whose lives you touched,
Will miss our swims with you so much.
The ways you helped you'll never know,
The gift to us of Gun's Rainbow.