Gunny reclining on the sunny grass.
There would be no Gunny's Rainbow if Gunny had not made it so. See How Gunny Made a Rainbow.

Letters to Gunny

Here is what the humans are saying to Gunny about his Rainbow. See the Happy Swimmers page and Stella's Story to read what the dogs have to say.

“Dear Gunny,

We love swimming at your pool because it is a magical place. We were looking for a place to rehabilitate Hunter's knee and found so much more. From the very first visit we felt the care and concern that your mom and Halle have for the clients, both furry and human. Their knowledge and nurturing makes Gunny's Rainbow the special place that it is. Hunter's knee is strong but he continues to swim because we all love it there. It was a great decision .”

--Ann A.
“Dear Gunny,

Thanks for getting your Mom to build the pool. Her niche, her expertise, her heart, her time, her love, are unique & so valuable & helpful for Russ & all the dogs who are lucky to have been led to you!”

--Rhonda L.
“Dear Gunny,

I've been coming to Gunny's Rainbow with my now 15 year old lab mix for two years. Not only has the therapeutic swimming kept my girl on her feet, we've received tremendous guidance with the numerous health crises that elderly dogs are prone to. The warm pool swimming along with the information, concern and support we've received has really been invaluable.”

--Kim H.
“Dear Gunny,

Baxter's performance competition days are over, but thanks to the tender loving care of your Mom and Halle at your beautiful pool, he defied the odds and hasn't had to have surgery for a collapsed disc. Regular swimming therapy has built up his muscles to hold his bad disc in place, and he doesn't even have to take pain medication any more.

If it weren’t for Gunny's Rainbow, he would be staying home, confined to the sofa (or worse), but instead is on the go every day with me and loving the new sport of Nosework. Thanks so much for inspiring your Mom to start Gunny’s Rainbow. Because of her vision, Baxter is loving life again!”

--Pat B.
“Dear Gunny,

Maddie was adopted when she was 8 ½ years old.  Although she was a great dog, she was not well socialized, and all new situations made her very nervous.  3 months after she was adopted, Maddie needed knee surgery, and she went to Gunny’s Rainbow for rehab.  Maddie was very nervous.  But within a short time, she was practically running into the pool and she swam with a smile on her face.  After Maddie’s success in the pool, Maddie was like a changed dog, and she is no longer afraid of new situations, dogs, or people.  Maddie has fully recovered from her surgery, and she is now a super-great dog.  Maddie and I are very grateful for Gunny’s Rainbow.”

--Dorie F.