pool room
There's plenty of room for swimming laps in the 8x20 foot pool.

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Located in Bethesda, Gunny's Rainbow is convenient to Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

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Make an Appointment

Swimming at Gunny’s Rainbow is by appointment only. Email us or call (202) 460-5377 to schedule an appointment.

Your First Visit

  • Talk to your vet: If possible, please discuss with your veterinarian whether swimming is an appropriate activity for your dog. While it is beneficial for many different conditions, there are certain ailments and conditions for which swimming is not appropriate and your veterinarian is the best source of advice about what would be good for your dog.
  • Send us your forms: There are two forms we'd like you to download and bring to your first session: Client Information Form [Word doc] and Release [pdf].
  • Get your dog ready for the pool: Do not feed your dog within two hours of coming to swim. Please give your dog a good brush the day before or day of your swim session. Please encourage your dog to go to the bathroom immediately prior to entering the pool room.
  • Take your dog home happy: We have plenty of towels and a dryer, as well as treats, for your dog to enjoy after a swim. He or she will likely want to go to the bathroom immediately after swimming, so please give him/her the chance to do so and bring a towel for your car if you don’t want any moisture on your car seat.